Innovative Space Planning Solutions

We distinguish ourselves for being a company that seeks to excel in the innovation of working environments; for that reason, we deliver integrated projects to our customers where we add value by applying our extensive knowledge in planning, logistics, engineering, and market research.

More than office furniture, Tremain® delivers extensive knowledge and quality in every element delivered to your door.

Take a look at what Tremain® can do for you.


We put at your service our advanced design systems and wide expertise to work with you for any space at your organization.

With our support you can view your ideas in 2D and 3D renditions. This way, you can decide if it is indeed what you require or you need to modify any element.

Transportation and Delivery

We understand how important it is to receive your furniture on time. Therefore, you will always have our support with a door to door shipment from Mexico to any city in the U.S., where you will also have the benefit of a real time tracking and updates from our team.


To guarantee that your office equipment will be a great functional experience, we put at your service our unique technical support team that will install any of our Tremain® products. (Available only for Mexico)

Personal Service

Your confidence is very important for us. Tremain® stands out for offering a fluent, straightforward and direct communication with every customer.

We will be working side by side with you from the start, and even more, we will be in constant communication to address any necessity that may arise.

We will always be there for you.

Customized Solutions

Great passion for what we do and customer satisfaction is what distinguishes our brand. We will support you in the only way we know: up-close and confident.

We want to know you and understand every detail of your projects.

Customer Service

One distinction of our brand value is represented by our personal, close and prompt attention to each customer. At Tremain® we like to build solid and prosperous relationships that allow us a continuous improvement on the follow-up of each project.


At Tremain® we simplify the complexity of any project with a detailed understanding of its requirements. This approach, next to our unique logistics and information system, allows us to optimize time and resources on each phase.

Since the very first contact you will have the opportunity to check on the follow-up of your project until its successful conclusion.

Quality Warranty

We are absolutely sure that our brand will give you many years of total satisfaction. Additionally to our high quality standards, we issue a Warranty Certificate for 10 years on each of our branded products.

At Tremain® we add value to make your organization successful.