Sustainable Vision

As a company we understand our activities must assume a sustainable policy according to the sector we serve.

We are actively involved in adopting green actions to save energy, raw materials and implement adequate waste disposal practices.

Right below, some descriptions of our main raw materials and the way we handle their disposal.

  • Steel
  • Agglomerate
  • Liquids (industrial glue, polyester, lacquer and varnish)


Wastes are sent to companies specialized in recycling this material. This allows us to reduce consumption of energy, raw materials and gas emission involved in climate change. Recycled steel reduces energy consumption by 70 percent.


Cutting wood generates a residue called sawdust which is also used for different recycling processes. A part of this raw material is transferred to companies dedicated to carpentry where it is used to manufacture agglomerated wood boards.


We use water based glues that have ecological advantages since these are less pollutant for the atmosphere, and at the same time, safer to prevent risk on our collaborators health.


Fabrics also pass through a recycling process where they are sent to textile manufacturers that reuse cotton and polyester.